This article looks at how Terrain and Acadia vehicles bring in customers who were previously loyal to other brands. These vehicles gain sales due to their high quality and growing reputation.

GMC Terrain has quickly gained a reputation for bringing in new customers who were previously loyal to other brands. By the end of this year it looks like Terrain will bring in more than half of its customers from other brands, and this will be the third year in a row. And of those who come from other brands one in five come from imported cars such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

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It also seems that this year Acadia is following the suit from Medan by also attracting new customers from other brands. More than half of Acadia’s purchases in 2011 came from customers who were previously loyal to other brands. For Acadia this will make for a fourth year in which the majority of sales will come from customers who were previously unfaithful to GMC.

Acadia has one of the lowest cost of ownership on the market, and experts believe that this is what is leading new customers to Acadia. Apart from the cost of ownership, Acadia also has a high resale value, which gives customers the best bang for their buck!

“Acadia and Terrain are industry leaders in design and technology,” said Brian Sweeney, vice president of US Buick and GMC Sales and Service. “Consumers are paying attention, as evidenced by the increase in sales of each model up to the first 11 months of 2011.”

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And other GMC vehicles also appear to be picking up new customers right and left. The Sierra HD Pickup was redesigned for this year and it seems that the new design is just what customers are looking for, because people just can’t get enough of them. Sierra pickups have ended their first full calendar year on a high note, with pickup sales having increased drastically during the year.

And together each of these vehicles has brought GMC success to this year’s journey. Together, these vehicles have helped GMC increase retail sales by nineteen percent. For GMC this can go a long way in helping companies create and build new, increasingly attractive and innovative vehicles.